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Close gaps with your competitors through competitive analysis and profiling, including:

  • Go-to-market strategies
  • Marketing positioning
  • Future plans
  • Sales targets
  • R&D efforts
  • Product roadmap

See the market more clearly with a market landscape, which might incorporate:

  • Market sizing
  • Market dynamics
  • Description
  • Potential new entrants
  • Barriers to entry
  • Segmentation
  • Market shares
  • Growth
  • Potential

Identify client needs and pain points with a customer perception or win/loss study to give you insight into:

  • How your customers think
  • Their perceptions of you and your products or services
  • Their perceptions of your competitors
  • Customers’ unmet needs
  • Gaps in the market
  • Barriers to selling
  • Your strengths and weaknesses

Improve your operations with a benchmarking study, which can help you:

  • Understand your operations compared to others
  • Solve internal business problems with fact-based solutions
  • Gain insight into creative ways to solve your problems
  • See how you might be at an advantage or disadvantage in cost, personnel, or manufacturing strategy

Drive strategic planning with a market analysis which might incorporate:

  • SWOT analysis
  • Key market characteristics
  • Competitor profiles
  • Market landscape
  • Changes in market dynamics

Evaluate new opportunities with a market entry study which could help you understand:

  • An unfamiliar competitive landscape
  • How a line extension might fit into the current market landscape
  • The local business customs of a new geographic market
  • What special concerns you should have as your enter a new territory
  • Market potential

Our custom research services can help you

As the leading provider of fact-based insights, we have been trusted by the world’s most successful companies for over 30 years.

We focus on research to drive strategy

Our global practice focuses exclusively on rigorous, custom-developed research on your markets, competitors and customers.

We provide actionable insight

We develop timely, reliable, relevant and actionable insight and perspective for your business planning and decisions.